YoungLit4V4 – Visegrad Conference of Young Literature 2017

A new generation which never lived a day before Central Eastern European transitions is now showing its more and more important appearance in today’s cultural publicity. A generation of young, authors at the beginning of their careers, are appearing on the literary and publishing market, their works are inspired by current issues, they are looking for new artistic forms. The challenges of the Central Eastern European region such as living among the social and architectural mementos of a past regime while facing the questions, doubts and quick changes of 2010’s society is an inspiring theme of today’s literature. But even though the history and culture of the V4 countries shows similarities there is no common international platform for the young writers to meet and share experiences yet.

YoungLit4V4 – Visegrad Conference of Young Literature 2017 is a first step in creating an international platform for young literary authors of the Visegrad region to share their ideas, experiences, learn from each other and to discuss the current literary, cultural, social and political issues. In the first period of a long-term project plan YoungLit4V4 brings together young authors under the age of 35 to meet in a Conference, attending international workshops, creative writing sessions and debates, not only to share their past experiences in the field, but also to be trained for the challenges of being responsible a Central European intellectual and author in the 2010’s and on. The YoungLit4V4 is a new platform for the new generation of intellectuals.

The project focuses on the current themes, new creative writing forms and social responsibility of young Central Eastern European intellectual literary authors. Although the history and daily issues of the V4 countries shows many similarities, the slight differences and the different forms of facing the challenges of cultural, social and political questions in the new millennium is an important topic to discuss not only for the young authors but for the whole region. The project is also a unique chance to reduce the limits of local language based literature, to help the authors to learn about each other’s works. And by creating new pieces of literature during the project the readers of the V4 region also benefits from this platform, the translated pieces will be used in local education.

Project partners
Stowarzyszenie Willa Decjusza (Poland)
Dul architektury z.s. (Czech Republic)
NGO (Slovakia)

Organizers’ meeting (December 2017, Budapest, Hungary)
Preparation meeting & workshop (December 2017, Bratislava, Slovakia)
Conference (January 2018, Budapest, Hungary)
Evaluation meeting & workshop (February 2018, Kraków, Poland)

Project coordinators
Ferenc Czinki (Hungary)
Kinga Tóth (Hungary)



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