V4 diaries (Cracow): Wojcich Gil


The last edition of ”Children of the Transition” project was, finally, organized in my city – in Cracow. It was great pleasure to meet the young writers, critics and poets in one of the oldest Polish cities, where the atmosphere of fine arts and all other kinds of culture is alive as in any place of the country.

The event, organized by Jozsef Attila Circle Literary Association of Young Hungarian Writers, was so far the special one for me. Not only because of the place of the workshops, but foremost because of the relations and friendship with other participants, established during the previous editions.

The workshops, focused on avant-garde, conducted by Sabina Misiarz-Filipek from Poland and Akos Fodor Kele from Hungary, were absolutely professionally conducted, what enabled to organize very interesting and constructive discussion between all the participants. The one iniciative, which especially is to hold in my memory, was to create the graphics based on similarities and differences of avant-garde of all the Visegrad Group’s countries. From my point of view, it was really successful, cause not only did we manage to gain the consensus, but we also illustrated it on the poster.

Summing up the “Children of the transition” edition in Cracow, I can honestly say that is the huge privilege to be in the team, and to contribute to the project organized by JAK. I hope there will be more occasion to meet again with these amazing and inspiring people, and to discuss with them crucial issues connecting our countries in the Visegrad Group.

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