V4 diaries (Bratislava): Wojciech Gil

(14-15. October 2014, KC Dunaj, Bratislava)
bratislava workshop_12_Wojciech Gil
In the middle of October 2014 I had a great pleasure to attend the workshop based on the topic: Children of the Transition. The event, organized by József Attila Circle Literary Association of Young Hungarian Writers was, foremost, a great possibility to exchange the opinions about the transition/transformation of the systems in Visegrad Group’s countries. The discussions were basically referred to the interpretation of the literature in point of view of every participant from a V4 country, but thanks to the opened minds of the workshop’s members there used to be also a lot of references to the psychology, sociology, history and foreign relations as well. One of the most important activities, undertaken by us, and which will be memorable for the very long time, was to make an example of a toy, which would be connected to the past system in our countries. The task helped me really to understand how things are to change and how, in the very common sense of the meaning, did I remember the moments of transition and the very beginning of the post – communist times in my country.

Thanks to the excellent organization of the workshop and the whole event in general, as well as the great other participants, I will keep in mind the undertaking made by JAK in Bratislava for a very long time.

Wojciech Gil

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