V4 diaries (Bratislava): Štěpán Hobza


(14-15. October 2014, KC Dunaj, Bratislava)

bratislava workshop_10_Stepan Hobza

Next session of the Children of the Transition project was held in the Slovak capital Bratislava. Some participants were known to me from Balaton, some were new for me.

I enjoyed Bratislava session very much. Firstly because I got to know new city, so important for cultural history of Slovakia – one of V4 countries. Secondly because workshops were held in more practical way than at Balaton. We read interesting texts from both classical and contemporary mainly Hungarian poets and artists and talked about them lot. Getting to know literature of our region, the Middle Europe, which is today represented with V4 organisation, is in my opinion the essential goal of our project. And that is the very reason why are these workshops so fruitful.

The other thing we did was the start of writing our own texts „moderated“ by one of lectors – Kinga Toth. I‘m looking forward to our next session in Prague where we will hopefully hear all of these. Yes. In fact I ended how I wanted to end from the very beginning. I’m looking forward to our next session in Prague!

Štěpán Hobza
(Czech Republic)

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