V4 diaries: Štěpán Hobza

27th August, 2014, Balatonszemes


Today we have had our first workshop. I might say I was satisfied because the topic was surprisingly pragmatic: How can a young writer start his or her career? I must admit that start of my „career“ has been quite smooth but still, the topic seemed very interesting to me.
It turned out that in all countries of V4 it is quite similar but still, there exist some slight differences. For example young writers from Hungary told us that in their country it is still harder to get publicated for woman than for men. In the 21st century! It really surprised me.
Naturally it is always complicated to get established on the literary scene when you are young and unknown. The publication houses naturally always like to publish works of known and established authors. Especially when we speak about poetry, which always has been on lower steps of the selling lists. And so it isn’t very rare case that book of very talented and interesting writer get out when he or she is almost thirty. That is sad and irritating, but unfortunately there is little to do so again it.
One of the possibilites are just the sessions like this by Jószef Attila Kör where you can meet other people from literary background or other young authors who are in the same or very similar situation as you are. You can share your experience with them, speak openly about your work and ambitions, which is always very fruitful.

Štěpán Hobza

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