V4 diaries: Márton István Szabó

It’s difficult. To not taking part of a political movement as an artist. Why should I not take the money from the national found, if I don’t agree with the government’s culture politics? It’s my money. From my taxes too. Why should I think through before I give an interview to a magazine? You shouldn’t – they say – it’s just a wrong feeling. And they may have right. It doesn’t matter that much anymore. And maybe I’m the paranoid, who always fears to join to a political view. But maybe I’m not the only one.
We all borned after a tough political system. But now, I don’t have to care about the way how to publish, the way how to live my life as an author. Can thinking and traveling free, and I got these from my birth. When the others talk about never-published or samizdat literature, I’m wondering abut that I can only hardly imagine these problems in my life. These experiences are getting more far and far from us. I keep this title in my mind: Der Stand der Dinge. Always changes. And it’s not a shame, that I usually even not notice how easy to create something after the transition. It’s not a shame. I guess. I hope.

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