V4 diaries: Krisztián Nagy

Krisztián Nagy

Started the day with the appreciation of the rain. Rain is brilliant! I mean we keep travelling hundreds of miles to a lake, or a sea, or an ocean, every single year, just to get ourselves wet, then go home and try to convince everyone else, sane enough to stay home, that we had a great time.


So basically: we suffer through an annoyingly long trip, fling ourselves into the water for a while, annoying trip back, converse with the people who stayed home. Rain gets you all of this in a smart, instant package – you get annoyed, because it’s raining, you get soaked, you get annoyed again (because you are soaking wet now), and than you can have a day long conversation about the bad wheater, with virtually any person on the world.
So, it was raining.

I missed breakfast. Hope it missed me too.

V4 workshop

Introductions have been made, life stories have been shared.

In the meantime it kept raining.

V4 workshop – The Aftermath

We got interviewed by a lovely journalist. Some general questions regarding our main topic, the transitional era between regimes, and our personal experiences.
At last, we’ll all be published. Literally.

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