V4 diaries: Bartosz Marcinkowski

Bartosz Marcinkowski, New Eastern Europe

Bartosz Marcinkowski @ JAK-tábor 2014, Balatonszemes Photo: Máté Bach

I arrived in Balatonszemes on Monday, August 25th. I had a pleasure to be the first participant to arrive in the place. Although a little bit too early, it does not matter. Like that I had opportunity to try delicious lángos with cream and cheese enjoying afternoon Balaton sun. But let’s get back to the point. After warm greeting and meeting with participants on the first day of the Summer Course, we all could try traditional Hungarian cuisine and talk literature in informal atmosphere. Thanks to this I could learn that most famous Hungarian vegetable – pepper (paprika) – was brought to Hungary by Turks and replaced oregano which was a seasoning number one in pre-Turkish times.

New Eastern Europe @ JAK-tábor 2014, Balatonszemes Poto: Máté Bach

Another thing about Hungary I learned so far was that St. Martin’s Cathedral in Bratislava served for centuries as the cathedral of coronation for the Hungarian kings. One of the purposes of Summer Course was that people from Visegrad states could discover Hungary – this is going perfectly well. I have a feeling like every hour I know more and more about Hungary although we do not really have opportunity to walk around the city and enjoy Balaton properly due to bad weather. In this place I would like to thank Ferenc for great organization of the event, help, support and delicious pálinka. But Summer Course is not only about this – we all came here to share our thoughts and discuss literature. During workshops we discussed problems that young writers face in V4 countries. I was listening it with great attention as a someone from outside because I am not a poet but a journalist and editor interested in international politics. But still, there are some similarities between young writers from Visegrad countries who want to start career as a writer and Polish political science graduates like me. Beginnings are always similar.

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