V4 – themes, participants, location & accommodation

Dear Participants!

Welcome to József Attila Literary Circle’s (JAK) 2014 Summer Course. We are very glad you will participate in our international section “Children of the Transition” sponsored by International Visegrad Fund.


During the five days of the Summer you will have daily moderated workshops and a final open discussion on Friday afternoon. The sub-themes are the following:

(1) Recommend and make a presentation about a literary work, film or exhibition from your country which representing the transition?

(2) Childhood memories from the late 80s, early 90s appearing in literary works

(3) How young writers can start a career in V4 countries

(4) Political and social opinions in the works of the youngest V4 literary generation



Moderators: Réka Mán-Várhegyi writer, editor (HUN); Renátó Fehér poet, translator (HUN); Szabolcs László writer, editor (HUN)

Participants: Jan Delong, Štěpán Hobza (CZE); Weronika Bilińska, Jan Pawel Kowalewicz, Bartosz Marcinkovski (POL); Egor Indiani, Krisztián Nagy (SLO); Márton István Szabó, Anna Zilahi, Bence Szenderák (HUN)

Project coordinators: Ferenc Czinki writer, editor (HUN); Kinga Tóth poet, experimental artist (HUN); Jelena Anđelovski poet (SER)

The first worskhop will start at 10.00 am on 27th August (Wednesday).


JAK’s Summer Course will take place at Lake Balaton in Balatonszemes. Adress: 5th Szabadság street, Balatonszemes, Ifjúsági Tábor (Youth Camp)

You can find a map on the following link: http://www.iranymagyarorszag.hu/ifjusagi_tabor_esely_budapest_alapitvany_balatonszemes/I310349/


The travelling costs will be returned to the participants. If you travel by public transport we will need an invoice of the costs to our Association: József Attila Kör, 7th Múzeum street, Budapest H-1088.

If you travel by car we will write a contract on the travelling costs after your arrival to the camp.

Date of arrival: 26th August (Tuesday); date of leaving: 31st August (Sunday).

All the travelling costs will be returned, you will also get free accommodation & daily meals and 75 Euros for your days in the camp after signing the contract at the time of your arrival.

Since all the participants arrive in different times during the arrival day (26th August) please contact coordinator Ferenc Czinki with the exact time of your arrival. Contact: 0036-70-676-8282 or czinkif@gmail.com.

We have our first meeting with all the participants 5.00 pm on 26th August, and from 10.00 pm that night we organized an open-air “JAK party” with Hungarian gastronomy event to get to know each other with the guests of the 2014 Summer 

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