Children of the Transition (JAK Re:Verse) – V4 Project

A new generation which never lived a day before Central Eastern European transitions is now showing its more important appearance in today’s cultural publicity. The main aim of our Association is to expand our traditional Summer Literary Course into an international cultural camp by organising workshops for the youngest literary generation of the V4, and also start to run a series of presentations in the V4 countries, which will end with the publication of a multi-language online brochure.

I. Background of project
– József Attila Circle (JAK; Applicant) is an Association of young Hungarian literature that shows the actual literary, artistic and social movements of the country’s young generation and also runs several series of translation projects and publishes the JAK World Literature Series of books. The Applicant plans to expand its traditional Summer Course into an international cultural event by inviting author of the youngest V4 literary generation to collect and share ideas together in the 25th anniversary year of the Hungarian transition.
II. Schedule of project
(1) Pre-organisation by cooperating with the Partners in:
– selecting professional texts (poems, short stories, essays) in the above mentioned theme,
– connecting the authors, experts and interpreters who will be invited to the Summer Course,
– pre-planning the future presentations of the results in Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia
(2) JAK Summer Course:
– inviting young V4 writers, poets and literary experts and other artists to the ‘Children of the Transition’ sections of the JAK Summer Course,
– organising group-works, translation workshops for the V4 guests
– organising public readings, round-table discussions, open workshops for the V4 guests where they can share their ideas and works with the audience
– planning free-time activities to get experience about the Hungarian culture, gastronomy, popular customs and also about the sub-culture of Lake Balaton area
(3) Third element: Series of Presentations
– visiting the other V4 countries and organising presentations based on the results and experiences of the Summer Course’s workshops
– joining events having similar local significance in the target country as the Course has in Hungary
– publishing an online brochure

“Visegrad feature” of the project:
– József Attila Literary Circle was established in the period of the Hungarian transition. This year’s Summer Course will be partly dedicated to the memory of the Central Eastern European political changes of the 80s and 90s.
– Those years are significant part of the current history of all the V4 countries; the events, the political and social changes of the last 25 years proves that these countries are still learning how to deal with the memory of a past regime and with the chances of today’s world order.
– During the Summer Course and during the presentation period the youngest literary generation of the V4 countries can share their experiences and thoughts with each other, and also with the older generations, to create an actual picture of how we see the last 25 years of this area.


A2 Magazin (CZ)

New Eastern Europe Journal (PL)

AOSS Asociácia organizácií spisovateľov Slovenska (SK)

International Visegrad Fund


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